“The Little Mermaid” makes a splash


Cat Hoff

Singing a solo, Raven Bullard, junior, plays Ariel in the Little Mermaid musical. The production took place from Feb. 26 to 27 in the auditorium.

Lucy Wurst, Staff Writer

Students hit the stage Feb. 26-27 to bring to life the story of “The Little Mermaid”. They put on a total of three performances, one on Friday night at 7 pm, a matinee on Saturday at 2 pm, and their final show Saturday night at 7 pm.

After putting in months of practice and staying at school until 10 pm every night the week before the production, students believe the musical was a success.

“The cast was kind of terrified this year because of how early the show was,” said Johanna Hill, who played Scuttle, the seagull. “During my freshman and sophomore years the show was in March or April, but they moved it up this year so it wouldn’t conflict with spring sports. There was a lot of panic that we wouldn’t be ready in time, but we pulled it off pretty well.”

Raven Bullard, junior, who played the lead role, Ariel, was given extra motivation to give it her all in the last performance.

“I really got into character Wednesday night when one of the musicians brought his kid to rehearsal,” said Bullard. “About halfway through I noticed this little girl staring at me with a look like she actually believed I was a princess. It was an amazing feeling and after that I felt really inspired and knew I had to make this performance great.”

The last show on Saturday night was certainly emotional for the cast members who had put such hard work into making the characters come to life. All of the seniors gave speeches before they went on stage, recounting how much the musical meant to them and how sad they were to leave. This gave the performers more motivation to make the final show the best.

Joshua Stueck, senior, attended two of the three shows.

“Raven was fantastic,” said Stueck. “Her singing and acting was at 100 percent for the whole show. I was really impressed. Imani owned the stage and filled the room with life. Overall, I thought it was really good.”

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