There’s no place like Homecoming


The Art Club, including Ian Immer, Corey Franklin, Tamia Becton and Sadie Malks, dressed as the main characters from “Wizard of Oz.” Each costume worn on the float was hand-painted by Art Club members and was based on a different style of art. “We hand-painted our costumes to match our characters,” said Malks, junior.

Beckett Wilke, Staff Writer

 The Homecoming parade is an event that typically captures support, love, camaraderie and fun.

In years past, people would cheer on the students and staff as they passed by in massive floats wearing intricate costumes. The street filled with the marching band’s unforgettable beats, dancers moving in organized and practiced movements, and of course, the inevitable candy thrown off the to the children. However, with COVID-19 bringing a halt to many of our lives, it also hindered some of the parade’s normal function in a noticeable way.  

From the very beginning, not only were there less people watching the parade, there were less people in the parade itself. 

According to Chris Blumenhorst, district activities coordinator, the outside groups that were commonplace in previous parades, such as the sponsors who could frequently be found in the parade, were cut out, as well as the elementary school students who created floats and participated in years past. Blumenhorst said they made up around 40% of the parade.  However, the celebratory mood was still alive.

“It’s important to have the parade to show that even with the new normal, that there is spirit and pride in our district and we can continue tradition,” Blumenhorst said.

With this year’s events, the floats became a major part of the parade, and many groups found it rather important to go all out with their theme. 

“Our theme was ‘wicked chicks with sticks,’” Natayvia Turks, sophomore, said.  “We had red shoes and witches hats and our field hockey sticks were broomsticks.” 

Another integral tradition is J-ROTC leading the parade in formation, flags in hand. According to Colonel Jacksy, J-ROTC teacher, it is always an honor.

“We had probably a greater than 50% turnout this year so we had good participation. It’s always an honor to lead the parade and the opportunity to get out and see all of the families and the wonderful people that fill the parade was pretty special.