U. City cares- fundraiser for suicide prevention

Edit 05/15/23: $709 raised for the Burrow family! We thank everyone for your support.


Kyla Smith, Guest Writer

    The science department along with Mitchell Long, safety, wellness and restorative facilitator, are selling t-shirts and hoodies in the memory of Shayne Burrow, freshman. We want others to take initiative and help us! Our goal is to make not only U. City students feel more safe and supported but also other schools around STL. Sherry Wibben, science teacher, is leading the fundraiser.

    “We decided to do a fundraiser that brings awareness to suicide and suicide prevention, because even after the pandemic a lot of people are struggling and others just can’t see it,” Wibben said. “And some other people can see these signs but just don’t know what to do about it, so on the back of our shirts we have the [number] ‘988#’ for suicide prevention.”

    First round of orders will be taken until Jan. 28 with t-shirt/hoodie distribution starting Feb. 1. Orders will be taken till March 25.

    Wednesday, Feb. 8th, will be the first Wednesday that students and staff will wear their t-shirt/hoodies in honor of Shayne’s memory. T-shirts/hoodies will be worn every Wednesday for the months of February and March to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

    You can order using this link. Once you click on the link you will see the design. The front of the shirt is shown in a female cut and the back of the shirt is shown in a male cut. If you do not want to use a credit card, you may use this link to pay either using CashApp or cash.

    All proceeds will go to Shayne’s family.