U. City High School takes home 2nd and 3rd place in Homecoming

Shayonna Burgess, Staff Writer

Early on Saturday, Oct. 15, U. City lined up in the chilly weather to showcase the Candyland-themed floats. There were 15 floats this year and participation was high, according to Christopher Blumenhrst, parade coordinator. This was his 30th Homecoming parade he has organized.

The parade was a return to the homecoming parade prior to Covid with many floats and participants,” Blumenhorst said. “Everyone had a fantastic time and the Candyland theme was a great success.”

This year, the high school took home two awards in the float competition. Field hockey tied for 2nd with Jackson Park Elementary School, and the class of 2025 took home 3rd. Pershing Elementary School took first place. Isabella Wright, junior, walked with the field hockey float. 

I enjoyed seeing the happy faces of children who got candy, even parents that got candy, and I liked being cheered on by the observers,” Wright said. “Last year we did have a professional float builder. But this year it was just all of the team doing it ourselves, so it was like an amazing team bonding experience to have.” 

Field hockey runs in the family.

“My sister was on the field hockey team when I was younger and so I helped walk with them when I was in elementary school,” Wright said, “I’ve been walking in the float for the past couple of years.”

As per tradition, ROTC led the parade. The Golden Girls dance team wasn’t far behind. Aliyah Smith, senior, emphasized the importance of communicating during the parade to ensure everyone was coordinated. Their outfits also matched the theme.

“Since it was the Candyland theme, they had a lot of lollipops going around,” Smith said. “We had barrettes in our hair. They had little candies to make it more special.”

Alando Braziel, junior, marched with the marching band. The marching band has to memorize the notes and the dances before the parade.

“I felt great about the parade this year because it was a different vibe from last year,” Braziel said. “We didn’t have to wear our facemasks when we were playing anymore, and it was back to normal.”

With so many people coming out to celebrate U. City, the energy was contagious.

“I love watching everybody that was from the sideline coming out from their houses just cheering everybody on,” Smith said.