Arming teachers is not the solution

Naiah Garrett, Guest writer

One hundred twenty-two students have had their lives cut short due to school shooters, starting at Columbine in 1999, according to Axios. Putting more guns in schools is not the answer.

To arm teachers in schools all across America would not be the solution to ending school shootings. It can actually lead to more negative effects than positive. According to  Vox, since there are so many guns already in circulation, it makes it easier for any conflict to quickly escalate into a form of gun violence. Multiple simulations have demonstrated that most people, if placed in an active shooter situation while armed, would not be able to stop the situation. It may, in fact, do little more for the people in trouble, actually causing them to get themselves killed in the process. With that being said, arming teachers can increase the rate of killings during school with or without mass shootings.

According to The Conversation, researchers in 2010 found that gun availability positively influenced the rates of several violent crimes in a sample of cities across 39 countries. Allowing teachers to carry guns shows students bad examples of why it would be okay for guns to be in the school environment, basically because teachers are allowed them. Since 60% of deaths are committed by firearms, the predator would come out in the teachers and would only add to the percent by allowing them use their firearms.

Some might say if their teachers with correct training are armed, then they can stop the mass shooting before it happens or even prevent it altogether. Most schools hire one to two police security guards meaning they would be able to save three students out of twenty at a time. It is proven that even when trained, these situations can always end in worse situation. For an example, Jordan Klepper, who was trained on the basics of using a firearm, got a concealed carry permit that was valid in 30 states. He participated in mass shooting simulations to see how he would hold up in such a scenario and failed in his final test. This test simulated a school shooting in which he shot an unarmed civilian. He was shot multiple times by the active shooters and even law enforcement mistook him for the bad guy. That is only one example of a single person, so if there are more teachers, or even all teachers armed, there would be an increase on the rate of victims dead.


A solution to issue of mass shootings in U.S is to create more gun control. Guns should be only given to necessary people in need, such the military, rather than any person on the street. The fewer guns in the hands of people who do not need them would decrease the rates of violence in schools significantly.