DOOM Influences Generation of Rappers


Sasha Albright, Web Editor

Daniel Dumile, more commonly known as the rapper MF DOOM, who passed away in October 2020, was recognized as a more experimental and underground artist, but is recognized now by many rappers  as one of the greatest rappers of all  time. 

DOOM can be credited with having one of the most unique styles in all of rap. Sporting a metal mask that helps with keeping up the supervillian persona, along with intricate word play, lyricism that only a few can match and beats that are more than just drums. 

“A lot of time he’ll say hard hitting stuff but his mellow sound and flow will make you think nothing about it,” Cameron Wright-Jones, freshman, said. “Then he’ll easily drop a double entendre without making it hard to understand.” 

Dumiles first solo album, named Operation Doomsday,” came out in 1999. The album artwork is a cartoon drawing of MF DOOM wearing his signature mask while rapping. The background is a look at what appears to be doomsday happening. Signature songs on this album include “Doomsday (feat. Pebbles the Invisible Girl)” and “Rhymes Like Dimes (feat. DJ Cucumber Slice).” (Listen to Rhymes Like Dimes here.) The album helped usher in a new age for rap music and has now been reissued after 22 years under DOOM’s Metal Face Label. 

“The backstory on Operation Doomsday is so interesting and you have to make sure you’re actually listening or you’ll miss it,” said Gayle Stevenson, sophomore. 

After “Operation: Doomsday” became an instant cult classic for the rap community, it would take MF DOOM 5 years and 137 records under 135 different names to release his second solo project. “MM..Food. This album is unlike his previous efforts because he does not focus on a bigger picture or story. In the opening sounds of the album we hear “Operation Doomsday complete.” This tells us that DOOM is not focusing on a story anymore, but just wants to get some quick rhymes and one liners off. 

The album artwork again is a cartoon drawing of MF DOOM sitting at a table wearing his mask while eating cereal and drinking juice. Most notable songs off this album are “One Beer,” “Rapp Snitch Knishes (feat. Mr. Fantastik)” and “Hoe Cakes.” 
While he recorded as  a solo artist under many names, DOOM has been part of underground rap groups throughout his whole career, most notably with Madvillian with Madlib. They released one album together in 2004 that  has been called one of the best underground rap albums to ever be released. 

Madvilliany is a 22-song album, with well-known songs like “Accordion,” “Meat Grinder”,“Raid (feat. Med)” and “All Caps.” The album cover features a photo of DOOM in mask, sitting in front of grey background. This album’s premise is a story of two supervillains tormenting a town, which is heard through bits of fake news reel talking about their doing. 

“Definitely in the underground rap scene he was influential,” Cameron Wright-Jones, freshmen, said 

Dumile has been a staple in the rap community since the early 2000’s and his influence has reached some of today’s most popular rappers like Logic, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and Joey Bada$$. Many rap fans and artists credit him with being one of the greatest lyricists, with some of the best flows and best beats. 

I based a lot of the ways that I was trying to rap off of his s*** when I was learning how to do it, so it was crazy meeting him, especially since he’s such an elusive person,” Earl Sweatshirt said when talking to Complex about DOOM’s influence. 

Another rapper, Ghostface Killer, speaks highly of DOOM, also.

“Favorite thing about DOOM? He can rhyme, he’s just got a good ear for music and he can rhyme well too. He’s a great artist. He’s like me in a way, very creative. I like creative people.” 

Unknown to most fans, DOOM passed away on October 31, 2020. His family announced his passing on December 31, 2020, via social media. That day his name was spread through social media and many rappers tweeted or Instagrammed  tributes to MF DOOM. 

Rapper QTip said, “RIP to another Giant, your favorite MC’s MC. MF DOOM,” after learning about his passing. 

MF DOOM really lived up to that title. He will be remembered by the whole hip hop community as one of the greatest rappers of all time.