The first thing I want to do when the pandemic ends…

Albert Smith, Assistant Editor

With an abundance of free time due to the coronavirus, many took the time to better themselves and focus on the future. However, every time we put on a mask, we’re reminded of the current world and the world that once was. A world where you can go to a concert or a world where you can cough in public without fearing possible sickness or judgement. With all of the negativity in the world, one cannot help but think about life — post quarantine.

When U. City students were asked about the first thing they would do when the pandemic ends, every single response confirmed the need for social interaction. Chance Pinkston, junior, expressed his need for in-person activities. “When the pandemic is over, I plan on going out and having fun with my friends with no limitations,” said Pinkston. “I play baseball and that plays a major role in my day-to-day life, having limitations on where my friends and I can hang out and where I can and can’t take my girlfriend really sucks.”

As one of his favorite interests is sports, Daniel Looby, junior, can’t wait to see fans like himself return to stadiums. “Sports just have a different feeling when fans are allowed to watch,” said Looby. “Watching a game in person is extremely different than seeing it through a TV.” Looby plans to host a big   celebration as a finale to coronavirus, once everyone is vaccinated. “I’m going to throw a huge party and hang with my boys with absolutely no limitations when this is all over.”

Unable to see a movie in theaters, Taiyanna Clark, senior, would love to re-experience that feeling again. “I haven’t been able to have that experience in so long and I would like to do that with my friends and family, comfortably.” Clark remains optimistic of the future however. “A lot of studios have begun releasing dates of new movies for 2022 so hopefully everything goes according to plan.”

As a new student to the district, Kiara Fall, sophomore, yearns to meet her fellow classmates in person for the first time. “Post-pandemic, I’d like to meet up with my friends and actually leave my house. I’d like to meet the students of the school since I’m new,”

Human interaction is very important to not only young people, but all people. The pandemic has stripped my classmates and I of many moments. I really don’t like that I can’t visit my grandparents or invite people to my house without fear of getting sick. I can only hope that those who practice proper COVID procedures continue to do so and those who don’t, begin to follow protocols. Who knows, maybe the class of 2022 will have a prom.