American Murder: The Family Next Door mystery surprises viewers

Isabelle Braeske, Staff Writer

The true story, “American Murder Story,” is a documetary about the sudden disappearance of Shannon Watts in the suburbs of Fredrick, Colorado. This mysterious, bone chilling story attracted people all over the world and it was number one in the U.S. on netflix.

In this documentary 34-year old Shannan Watts, (pregnant at the time) and her two children, Celeste and Bella, suddenly go missing. The documentary cuts back and forth between police investigations of Chris Watts, (her husband) and Shannan’s many Facebook posts and live videos. They show her recent private text messages with Chris showing an inside look on the problems that occurred within their marriage.

This film was directed by Jenny Popplewell, director of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” on TLC, and it was produced by Knickerbockerglory, a small UK based Production company.=

I think this film is worth watching, it is a very shocking and sad true story and the way that Popplewell directs it to be a dramatic build up to the big reveal makes it even more interesting.

4 out of 5 stars. Streaming now on  Netflix.