Daniel Pomerantz, Staff Writer

With a unique, thought provoking style of situational comedy, Donald Glover’s new show on FX, “Atlanta” will temporarily morph your everyday thoughts into deep, hypothetical questions. You may know Glover as his hip-hop alter ego, “Childish Gambino,” known for his poetic and personal lyrics, produced over catchy and seemingly futuristic beats. After taking a hiatus from the musical limelight, Glover returned to the surface of stardom with a powerful new show, which he directs, writes, and stars in. It’s very hard to compare “Atlanta” to any other current TV show.

The show depicts two cousins in Atlanta steering their way into the rap game. Alfred, also known as “Paper Boi,” is an Atlanta-native rapper, who people know from “that one song.” Earn, played by Glover, is a young Princeton dropout with the composure to compensate for his cousin Alfred’s wild actions. Together, they play a unique, unlikely duo. Despite their many conflicting personality traits, it’s hard to imagine the pair without each other.

The best part of Atlanta is that each character has a unique form of humor, emotion, tone, intelligence and stupidity, creating a very realistic approach to everyday life. Whether or not you can relate to Earn and Paper Boi’s lifestyle, it’s easy to relate to these characters as people. The weirdness of Atlanta is somewhat addictive. It’s difficult to take your eyes off Earn’s awkward conversations, mainly because of Glover’s superb acting. But the best actor, in my opinion, is Alfred, (Paper Boi). His faces are priceless, and his casual tone makes you truly forget that he is an actor. When watching Atlanta, it’s easy to get lost in the world of sarcasm and hope that Glover has created with his stellar new show.