Frank Ocean

Linsey Sparks, Staff Writer

Frank Ocean dropped his debut album Channel Orange in 2012. It is now four years later and he has finally released his newest album, “Blonde”. The album starts off with “Nikes,” where Ocean’s voice is distorted in two different ways (higher pitch and lower pitch) for the first three minutes of a 5: 14 minute long song. There are many ways one could interpret this song. It could be about the materialism he comes across in his day to day life, but it could also be about the unjust relationship between the judicial system and their treatment of young African American men.

The album continues with tracks such as “Be Yourself” and “Self Control” which have meanings much deeper than they seem at the surface. “Be Yourself’’ is, in my opinion, the most unique and touching track on the album. It is a voicemail from what seems to be Ocean’s mother, telling him to embrace his identity. And then there’s “Self Control,” which is honestly my favorite song from this album. My heart seemed to break with Ocean’s throughout the entire song. His voice shows just how broken down and insecure he is after being rejected– certainly something that almost everyone can relate to which is why it’s so sad.

This album is an emotional journey for Ocean and the listener. It was an amazing record, but maybe not worth four years of waiting.