Original Netflix Action Thriller Does Not Disappoint

If you are not one of the 83 million Netflix subscribers who have seen “6 Underground,” then you are truly missing out. With the success of “Bad Boys” and “Transformers” behind him, director Michael Bay has created yet another action/thriller movie we didn’t know we needed. 

“6 Underground” is about an electrical billionaire (Ryan Reynolds) who ends up faking his own death to go underground and lead a group of six mercenaries. These six individuals have gone underground to do jobs the government neglect to do. Even though they are off the grid, these men and women are able to get the equipment necessary to complete their mission to replace Turgistan’s cruel ruler with his much more suited brother who’s been held captive by his own brother’s men. 

The team only known by their numbers are played by Ryan Renolds #1, the billionaire and leader of the team, #2 the unpleasant CIA agent played by Melanie Laurant. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays #3 the joker hitman who’s past haunts him and wants to do good in the world. Ben Hardy #4 is a Parkour kid who #1 recruited for his skills. Though very little of #5’s back story is revealed she is the doctor of the team played by Adria Arjona. In the beginning of the movie #6 (the driver played by Dave Franco) gets into a crash and even though the rest of the team survives he doesn’t. Since the team is down a man they replace him with #7 The Operator played by Corey Hawkins, he is a military man who doesn’t leave fellow comrades behind he is also an outstanding sniper that #1 thought would be a great attribute to the team. Each and every actor played their parts to perfection, with every joke made and every action there wasn’t a boring moment in the movie.  

If you enjoyed movies such as “Deadpool,” “Nerve,” “Now You See Me (1 & 2),” and “Bad Boys,” then this is the movie for you. Don’t be one of the few people who haven’t watched “6 Underground” because the movie starts with #6 driving the team through a speed chase in Italy while #2 is bleeding from a gunshot wound that #5 is trying to perform a surgery to take it out. 

Another scene that had me on the edge of my seat is when they were trying to kidnap the Turgistan’s president’s brother, the person they were going to use to replace the awful leader. The scene had a lot of water, guns, laughing gas and yelling. That alone should make you want to watch the movie, but if it doesn’t then maybe knowing the movie has been nominated for the World Stunt Awards and is played by actors who’ve won multiple Teen Choice Awards will change your mind. 


Rating: 4.5/5 stars. Now streaming on Netflix.