Phoebe Bridgers makes impressive tour debut at Chesterfield Amphitheater

Marley Gardner, Staff Writer

While she’s been popular in the indie rock/folk scene since the release of her 2017 hit “Motion Sickness,” singer and Los Angeles native Phoebe Bridgers has begun gaining mainstream attention. Since the release of her sophomore solo album “Punisher,” she’s been nominated for four 2021 Grammys and appeared on Saturday Night Live. Following her Fall U.S. tour announcement, tickets sold out in minutes, with fans having to enter into a lottery system to even purchase them.

Although tour dates had to be changed to outdoor venues due to rising Covid-19 cases, Bridgers and her band kicked off the tour performing at the Chesterfield Amphitheater on Sept. 3, as an alternative to the original venue, The Pageant. 

Despite delays for Bridgers’ set following her opener, Bartees Strange, she came on at 10 pm, with her and her entire band fully outfitted in her signature skeleton onesies.

Bridgers’ performance was highly anticipated, and she did let the crowd down. Kicking things off with “Motion Sickness,” the show began with the high-energy feel of a rock concert. However, she then played the entire album “Punisher,” as it was her first time getting the opportunity to play any of the songs at a live concert, and the show took a more melancholy, but still magical, tone. Slower songs like “Moon Song” and “Graceland Too” brought hundreds of audience members to tears (including myself).

Bridgers concluded the concert with an encore performing a cover of Bo Burnham’s “That Funny Feeling” which gained significant social media coverage. While Burnham is known for his comedic style of music, Bridgers transformed into an exceptional performance, though I would have enjoyed hearing more of her own music.

The show was an excellent way for Bridgers and her band to begin their fall tour, and for many audience members including myself, it served as a great return to live music.


Rating: 5 Stars