“Smile” will keep your heart racing

Xavier Thomas, Web Editor

“Smile” is a psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie. “Smile” stars actress Sosie Bacon as Rose. Rose is tortured everyday, which results in her cutting ties with the people who care about her the most.

This movie begins with Rose at a hospital where she works as a doctor. She is talking to a patient who’s obviously not in the right state of mind as he’s constantly saying “everybody’s going to die.” Rose then gets another patient who is traumatized after seeing her mom die. Rose tries to help her, but only minutes later the patient smiles and kills herself. The audience was not expecting such a dramatic start to the film. “Smile” continues with surprising moments and jumpscares that you can’t predict.

From this point on, the movie just gets darker as the audience is introduced to more disturbing scenes and backstory. Ever since the incident with that patient, people that she knows smile at her and then threaten her. But nobody believes Rose since they don’t see anyone smiling. Finally, she talks to her ex-boyfriend, and he pulls up cases of the same thing happening to other people. Rose then tries to solve the issue but gets caught in a never ending cycle. If you’re looking for a movie to be shocked and frightened by, “Smile” is the movie you want to see.

4/5 Stars