Soup Dumplings STL offers authentic twist on Cantonese fare


Dani Wasserman, Staff Writer

Long wooden tables with benches and a bright red mural on the wall characterize the minimalist style of Soup Dumplings STL and create the perfect backdrop for this simple but inviting restaurant.

Many of us have heard of soup and dumplings but a less common cousine is a combination of the two: soup dumplings. This twist on the traditional dumplings takes the simplicity of eating a dumpling and turns it into a pleasing culinary experience.

Despite the straightforward menu, the flavors of each dish have a lot to offer..I ordered the chicken soup dumplings which includes six dumplings. Each order comes with a container of vinegar and soy sauce to use as dipping sauce for the dumpling. The instructions painted on the wall made it easy to follow the meticulous process. First, you bite into the dumpling and pour out the soup,  then you sip the soup, finally, you dip the dumpling in vinegar and eat it. I made sure to follow this process to savor the full experience Soup Dumplings STL offers. Each sip encompouses a burst of warmth and an elaborate flavor profile to immerse you in the experience. The light and airy texture of the dumpling and chicken make you feel satiated.

Overall, STL Soup Dumplings is one of the most authentic restaurants in St. Louis. Each item has an abundance of flavor and warmth making you want to keep coming back. The service can be a bit slow so make sure you alot enough time to experience this one of a kind restaurant.