Stranger Things

Nicole Holahan, Staff Writer

This Netflix original series is a story about a 12-year old boy, Will, who goes missing one day without a trace, so most of the town assumes he ran away. Thinking they know better than everyone else, his friends go in search for him in the forest near his house and find something unusual, or perhaps a someone. The boys find a girl who seems lost and confused so they care for her and discover that she might know where Will went. Rather than this being a small search for a friend it becomes more about a huge government secret.

As a fan of the show, I thought the plot was excellent, it gives the viewers a sense of childlike curiosity but also that fear of knowing that there’s more to the story. I also thought it was nice how the show was a throwback to the 80’s. The show also had many hidden references to many 80’s classics all the way from E.T. to the old X-Men comics.

The breakout actors and actresses were also very good, they really provided a different view on the situation. With this change of stars I found myself paying a lot more attention to the plot rather than their work in other shows. In the end, I really recommend that you at least watch the first season because there are only eight episodes.