Boys basketball regains players after seniors leave


Kai Gover, Staff Writer

With the close of fall sports, we now welcome our boys basketball team into another hopeful season. As we begin to prepare for the season our boys team works hard to reconstruct themselves with the loss of some key players who recently graduated. From scoring to leadership, we now witness the beginning of a new team. 

“Even though we lost some of our seniors it’s been great to start the season with new guys,” guard Michael Rucks, sophomore, said. “[It’s] tough but fun. Plus we’ve been working hard all off season, and I have a group of guys behind me who do nothing but support and uplift one another.” 

After a brutal loss in the first round of the district playoffs last year, the Lions look to get back on course and make a deep run in the playoffs, including a district championship along with a chance to play in the state championship game. 

“We have a better team than last year,” center Jayden Creighton, sophomore, said. “Obviously those seniors were a very important part of the team and scoring, but we have a better team than last year. We have a chance to not only win districts and have a chance at a state title.”

Basketball is always more than a sport and it takes more than just a player; it takes a student athlete and a respectful young man to become a basketball player. The players have a coach that ensures nothing less than honor.

“You always miss the seniors, but building the chemistry and morale of the team is the biggest goal to achieve a great season,” Kelvin Lee, basketball coach, said. “It starts with the ‘total person’ concept: be a good person, good student, good player. And I want these boys to learn the meaning of what it means to have honor, to be humble and to maintain discipline all while playing basketball.”