Harris looks for opportunities close to home


Marley Gardner, Staff Writer

For Isaiah Harris, senior, family has always been a priority. Following in the footsteps of his older cousins, he’s found his passion on the football field. Now that college is right around the corner, his family is a bigger influence than ever before.

Growing up, Harris saw his older cousins Ronnie and Ronnell Perkins on the football field. Ronnie is a defensive end for the New England Patriots, and Ronnell graduated from U. City and went on to play at Mizzou. 

“[Ronnie’s] work ethic is hard to match,” Harris said. “Trying to keep up with him inspires me. [Ronnell] inspired me even more though. He’s more focused on skills than Ronnie and that’s the type of stuff I like.”

Harris has taken the inspiration and encouragement from his older cousins and turned it into success. Playing as a receiver and running back, he’s had a terrific senior season. 

“I’ve gotten about 1,300 yards total this season,” Harris said. “I had 15 touchdowns [as well]. We had some really good players this year, but they all had 11 or 12.”

Harris isn’t the only one aware of his success, his teammates see him as a leader on and off the field.

“Isaiah always puts others before himself on the field and helps his teammates in any way possible,” Carter Lemen, senior, said. “His selflessness is admirable.”

With his talent and drive, it’s no surprise that continuing his football career in college is on Harris’ mind.

“I’ve [been talking] to Lindenwood, Colorado State, Iowa, Louisville [and others],” Harris said.

The list of schools goes on. But unlike many of his peers, Harris isn’t focused on reeling in D1 offers from all over the country. While his passion for football came from his family, that influence is also his number one priority.

“I have siblings,” Harris said. “There’s seven of us. My dad died in 2019 [so] my mom is by herself taking care of all of us and I’m the oldest boy.”

Harris plans to stay in St. Louis so that he can look out for his mom and younger siblings. Right now, his top choices are Lindenwood or Fontbonne.. Regardless of where he plays, there’s no doubt he’ll do big things.

“Isaiah is a very fast player and his speed is what makes him a force to be reckoned with on the field,” Lemen said. “Combined with his natural athletic ability, he is difficult to stop.”