Jabriee Mason


Francene Bethune, Staff Writer

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Jabriee Mason, senior, entered U. City with the mindset of finishing up his father’s dream of playing football his senior year.

“I figured to finish my dad’s legacy,“ said Mason. “My dad played throughout high school, but he got injured his senior year, so he wasn’t able to go to college for football.”

Mason has moved up the ladder from the freshman team to varsity. With 22 seniors, the varsity football team has grown close over the years, forming solid friendships and bonding like a second family.
“Most of the seniors I have known for most of my life,” said Mason. “Especially since we’ve been playing for four years together we have grown on each other.”

For Mason, putting his helmet on and going out into the field gives him the thrill to do his best with his family’s help.
“Just being out there, winning or losing is exciting when we tried our best,” said Mason.

According to assistant coach Lafayette Gatewood, Mason has grown incredibly in his academic life and while playing football.
“Mason has matured as a person like all the other senior players,” said Gatewood. “He has grown through practice and patience.”
With Mason, a calm attitude leads him to do good in school and to look forward for football in the future.

“Football wasn’t an option,” said Mason. “I love playing and I plan to keep playing in my future.”