Prayer in student athletes

Maleak Johnson, Guest Writer

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“For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen,” echoes from the locker room as the basketball team prepares for their game.

Before every game, the football and basketball teams unite with one another to pray. Not everyone on these sports team are the same religion which could make it difficult to open up and partake in this holy activity.

Daniel Pomerantz, who is Jewish, was a member of the freshmen basketball team last year.

“The whole team would circle up and one of the team captains would lead the prayer,” said Pomerantz. “I understand why they wanted to pray and it’s all positive vibes and not really a big deal.”

Although the football team is known for their aggressive play on the field and their vivacious personalities, in the locker room they all come together for a few seconds of prayer before games.
Senior quarterback KeAndre Bledsoe knows football is a team sport and everything must be done together.

“Before games we warm up and go over plays,” said Bledsoe.“The players are interested in praying as opposed to the coaches but they also join in. I believe everyone wants to pray.”

It doesn’t matter if certain players are religious or not, the whole team participates in the activity.

“I believe prayer keeps us from injuries or any type of danger,” said Bledsoe.

There aren’t prayer circles before soccer games at the high school. Not everyone prays before games, but during moments when maybe hope is needed, it could come in handy.

“In sporting events I might pray during intense situations…I think it’s worth a try,” said soccer player Noah Greenburg, freshman.