Biannual JROTC blood drive attracts more attention from students


Shayonna Burgess, Staff Writer

The bright lights in the gym set the JRTOC’s blood drive aglow as students and staff enter to donate blood. JROTC hosted its first of two annual blood drives on Sept. 15. Our U. City scholars showed their support by donating. Isabelle Braeske, junior, had a walk-in donation. 

“I donated blood because it was a good opportunity and it was easy because it was already in the school, so I didn’t have to go anywhere,” Braeske said. “They made it really accessible.”

This year the blood goal is 30 units between the fall and spring drives. The next blood drive is scheduled for late April. Zoe White, senior, is a JROTC cadet who helped set up the drive and guide people through.

 “It went well,” White said. “We got a lot of donors. A lot of cadets learned how it works, so for next year’s blood drive, they will know what to do when the seniors leave.”

Even though 21 people arrived to donate, 10 of them either didn’t qualify to donate or could not finish the donation. In total, 11 units were collected. Colonel Rob Jakscy helped manage the blood drive this year.

“I was disappointed with the total number,” Jakcsy said. “Usually we get between 15

and 20 units for each drive, so we were a little bit low this time. I was really excited about the amount of students that came out to donate this time. Although some were unable, many came out and tried, so that was awesome.”