Club Fair offers extra-curricular opportunities

Alara Stewart, Co Editor-In-Chief

With students returning to school after a year of limited access to clubs and sports, they were offered the chance to get outside on the track on Sept. 3 to explore their interests at a Club Fair..

“I signed up for a couple things that I did find very interesting, [such as] art club and ACT Prep,” said Kiaira Merrill, junior. 

In addition to students like Merrill finding clubs, others participated in the fair as leaders for their clubs. Zoe White, junior, was one of the leaders for the volleyball table. 

“My purpose was to get more girls interested enough to come out to play volleyball for next year’s season,” said White. “I wasn’t really as interested in signing up for too many things but there were plenty of great options.”  

One of the benefits of the fair was that classes were shortened and students were allowed to go outside and mingle with friends.

 “The fair helped tremendously because there were a lot of students who haven’t been in the building that haven’t gotten a chance to participate in clubs and sports provided because of covid and because they were not aware of the options,” said White.