Food Truck Friday presents opportunity to socialize


Alara Stewart, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to an end, an opportunity arose to bring students together in the new courtyard built by Black Academy students. The Food Truck Friday event was filled with music and students got to enjoy safe socialization while eating food provided by the school.

“I got together with some friends that I had seen more individually but this was the first time that we had all been able to hang out which was nice,” Emma Scharff, junior, said.

The event lasted for about three hours, however, many found it too short and believed that it would be beneficial to have a similar event a few times throughout next school year. 

“I really did like the read-in event where we had the speakers and reader, that was really nice,” Flowers said. “I think that if there’s certain nights hosted or different things, a lot of people would be more involved. Other than that, if the school just wanted to open up for people to be able to maybe have a movie night or something related to lunch that would be great.”

Although we are returning back to the building next school year, a quarterly event would help students who have struggled with not being able to socialize with their friends and classmates on a regular basis. 

“COVID has actually impacted my school,” Scharff said. “One of my teachers always says that he thinks that without the distraction of other people we do better, but to be honest I don’t think I’ve really learned anything because I’ll normally discuss what we’re learning in class with my friends and I’ll remember stuff more.”

Despite the inability to be in contact with students in a school environment, it’s even more difficult to find time or space to hang out with friends. 

“FaceTime and texting them, you know reaching out to them,” Sylvia Sanders, freshman, said. “And then in school we keep our distance and stuff, and I know I have a few friends at school but it’s just not that many.”

“Everyone’s schedule is getting filled up with things like work, school, or everyone’s just trying to do their own thing,” Flowers said. “It’s not hard to talk to them but it is pretty hard to find a way in their schedule.”

As the school year opens back up in the fall students will find more time to socialize with one another in the building, however, it’s not the same as hanging out with friends over the weekend. Some students thought of various ideas for events that the school could put on. 

“It would probably be a good thing to do in the beginning of the school year, especially to get freshmen to meet each other,” said Scharff.

Due to the setbacks of COVID, the Food Truck Friday event appeared to be enjoyable and a great space to get together with friends. Students hope that  U. City will implement more programs and events into next year’s schedule, and look forward to visiting with friends more. 

“Well, in the beginning before COVID, it was really nice to be around like-minded people that you have things in common with,” Flowers said. “Going forward now, since people have been kind of deprived from a lot of social contact, I think we’ll cherish it a lot more. So, not only will I be more engaged in school because maybe the learning environment will be a lot better and safer, but I also want to connect with my peers a lot more because I haven’t been able to.”