JROTC blood drive meets goal

Chance Pinkston, Staff Writer

When D’ Angelo Young, senior, walked into the  JROTC blood drive on Sept. 23, he took in the smell of alcohol as nurses cleaned off the equipment.

“The anxiety was killing and my heart started pounding,” Young said.

 The goal was to obtain 30 units of blood.

Our goal is actually a year-long goal,”Jakcsy said.“We host two drives, one in the fall and one in the spring. We are more than half way to our goal.”

In total, 28 individuals signed up, but only 16 people fulfilled the requirements to donate. One requirement is being a certain height and weight.

Isabel Forster, senior, was one of 12 potential donors turned down.

“I was really scared about giving blood,” Forster said. “They said I was too little to donate and that was a huge disappointment.