LLC offers abundant choices for students

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LLC offers abundant choices for students

Ashylnn Jenkins, Staff Writer

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Christopher Blumenhorst, principal, insists is not an alternative school. It’s LLC (Lieberman Learning Center), and it helps to provide its students with innovative ways to continue their education.

When Blumenhorst started as principal at LLC six years ago, there were a mere 40 students. Today, it buzzes with 100 students, proof that not everybody learns the same way or will follow the same path to graduation.

Offering four different programs, LLC is all about choice. At LLC, programs include credit recovery, Missouri Options, Hiset which is the GED replacement, and, long-term suspension programs. The biggest benefit of being at LLC, according to multiple students, was that it is a smaller environment with less drama which makes it easier for a one-on-one setting with the teachers.

“Because the rooms only have around six students per class, the teachers can really focus on each person easily, and nobody has problems with each other,” Alicia Taylor, senior, said. “You just really get the help you need.”

Walking through the halls of LLC, a sense of calm pervades. With so few students, Blumenhorst makes sure the students form close bonds with each other and even has team bonding activities. Every teacher tries to create a very helpful working environment with a personal setting so that every students needs are tended to.

Both long-term suspension and credit recovery courses are self explanatory, but LLC  takes pride in making sure every student feel

s heard. Without either of these programs, the students at LLC would disconnect from the learning environment and it could create further issues.

If it weren’t for LLC, some seniors trying to catch up on their credit would never have gotten the opportunity to graduate or further their education. However, since approximately 25 percent of the 2018 graduating class is currently completing their studies at LLC, they are able to complete the same vital steps needed to walk across the stage in May of this year.

At LLC, there are two sessions, morning and afternoon. Most students in the morning session are seniors who are in the credit recovery programs, which are not just for students who need to make up classes and credits, but also for students who “have unique circumstances that make it difficult to attend traditional high school,” said Blumenhorst. Credit recovery is essential for the students who have not earned all the credits necessary for graduation.

One of the more important programs at LLC is the Hiset which is all for all adults who left high school before graduation. With the Hiset program, students now have another way to secure a high school diploma equivalency, which means that, through testing, students must demonstrate the same skills and knowledge as a high school graduate. Once you pass the test, University City High School will issue students a high school equivalency certificate or high school equivalency diploma.

Missouri Options is a program for all of the students who have the capabilities to complete the high school graduation requirements for the state of Missouri, but lack the credits to graduate with their class and are at risk of leaving school without a high school diploma. This program works along with credit recovery, creating a dropout prevention program for the unique students in more difficult positions. Without this additional program, the students from U. City who were ready to drop out would not have graduated on time or at all.

“If it weren’t for LLC I wouldn’t have gained

all my credits and now I’m ready to graduate,” said Taria Henderson, senior.

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