Pershing wins float competition 4th year in a row

Linsey Sparks , Co-Editor

Along with the usual appearances at the Homecoming parade, many new floats took to Delmar Blvd. the morning of October 13. Most of the floats boasted the theme “MARVELous,” some took form as the Black Panther while others exploded with the feminine touch of Wonder Woman.

The annual float competition winners were announced at the football game as they have been in years past. First place was given to Pershing Elementary for the fourth year in a row. Julia Goldstein was awarded second place while Jackson Park Elementary stood their ground as the third place winners. 

Pershing Elementary decorated a truck to look like the Black Panther from the 2018 film “Black Panther” while Jackson Park had one dad dressed as Thor while kids walked behind their truck wearing capes and masks. Julia Goldstein built superheroes to sit atop their truck with kids poking their hands and faces out from underneath them.

Each high school class, with the exception of the class of 2022, was represented toward the front of the parade. The class of 2021 really showed up to impress with their Wonder Woman themed float that took weeks of planning.

“The 2021 class float took about three student council meetings to plan,” said Zoe Yudovich, sophomore and student council vice president. “We met to get the big ideas designed.”

One float that did not take lots of previous planning was the Latin Club, which made a return after their one-year hiatus. The group built a makeshift boat out of cardboard boxes and walked inside dressed in their togas and gladiator costumes. Matthew Tuths, Latin teacher, followed behind his students in his car while Rowan Hoel and Leah Zukosky, seniors, took the lead as co-presidents and marched alongside with posters. 

“We made our float the day of [the parade],” said Hoel. “We got there at 8 am and it took about two and a half hours to make.”

Closing the parade was the ever-present marching band, along with the Golden Girls. Drum majors Shu’Rya Butler and Kaya Blount, seniors, took charge and led the band down the route and also continued with their choreography in front. Logan Black, senior, stood at the head of the Golden Girls’ formation ahead of the band while Nasia Metcalfe, sophomore, led the Lionettes.

“Homecoming is a real big deal so we felt like we had to show out,” Logan Black, senior, said. “We extend our practices the week before Homecoming and with the alumni coming back, we want to show them we are keeping the Golden Girl name alive.”