Young men’s night out returns for a repeat performance

Ian Feld, Staff Writer

After the success of the first Young Men’s Night Out event at the end of the first semester, the second iteration proved to be just as impactful. Students settled in after school for an afternoon of basketball, video games and a selection of guest speakers in an effort by the high school to prepare its male students for their future.

“Basically, the event was a night for young men to learn new things that could help them in their lives,” Zion Smith, sophomore, said.

Besides the entertainment offered, which included carnival games, basketball, a video game bus, and a barber, there were also guest speakers who visited to talk about their life experiences. The speakers covered a wide range of topics, such as financial stability, relationships and plans after high school.

“I gained a lot of knowledge on my relationships with other people and about money in general,” Smith said. “There was a lot of stuff that they covered that I didn’t know about and that could really help me down the road.”

Smith believes the event was beneficial in some way to everyone who attended, whether they were moved by the speakers or simply given something productive to do for the evening.

“It really was a great way for students to gain some outlook on their life,” Smith said. “The speakers provided someone or something to look up to.”