Alumna returns to teach English


Kiya Furlow, Staff Writer

Unlike the new English teacher, Ni- Rita Baker-Bradford (Lady B.), most people graduate from high school and never return. Shortly after she retired from Confluence Preparatory High School in May of 2019, Kimberly Austin, assistant principal, asked Lady B. to return to her alma mater in a part-time capacity this year.

“This is my 43rd year of teaching,” Lady B said. “I taught seven years at Riverview Gardens Central Junior High School, 13 years at Riverview Gardens Senior High School, and 13 years at Wellston Eskridge High School.”

Throughout Lady B’s 43 years of teaching, she’s taught freshmen Literature and Composition courses and was also the department chair/lead teacher of the English Language Arts Dept. Here, Lady B teaches an online and print program titled “Language Live!” in freshman Comprehensive Literacy classes, which reinforces reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and literary skills. Lady B. is excited to be back at U.City.

“I am delighted to be a part of such an illustrious faculty,” Lady B. said. “ The students I am teaching are motivated, respectful and cooperative. I actually look forward to being here daily because the school climate is  well structured, and I can feel that good old Lion Pride.” 

Lady B. has plenty of goals for the school year. 

“My goals are to motivate, teach, and empower my students to learn the skills they need to be academically successful and productive citizens after they graduate from this high school.”