Latin club competes in Columbia

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Latin club competes in Columbia

Julian Albright, Web Editor

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Latin Club got the chance to compete at the Missouri Junior Classical League (MOJCL) State Convention over the weekend of April 22 in Columbia,  Missouri. According to Latin teacher Matt Tuths, the students deserve recognition for their hard work.

MOJCL is a Missouri organization that includes all Latin clubs from across the state. The convention, held every spring, provides opportunities for students to engage in competitions and activities, all which lead up to the state Certamen (Latin and classics quiz bowl) competition. Several students from U. City received recognition for their efforts.

The Latin II Certamen team, including Nathan Hill, freshman, Kaleb Loggins, Ben Shostak, and Cassidy Ward, sophomores, took second place overall.

Sophomore Brooks Carrico took fourth place in the Oral Modern Myth category. Phoebe Thoroughman, sophomore, took fifth place in the Impromptu Art competition. Cooper Deitzler, also a sophomore, captured second place in the Mosaic category, followed by Nathan Hill who took fifth place in the Needlework category. Last but not least, sophomores Leah Zukosky and Linsey Sparks took third, fourth and fifth place in the Photography competition.

“I was really proud of how everyone competed, and more importantly represented themselves and U. City,” said Tuths.

All Latin students at U.City, not just Latin club, also took the National Latin Exam (NLE) this past during the winter. The NLE is given to over 149,000 students around the world. Students are awarded according to how well they did on the test. The awards are in the order as follows: Gold Summa Cum Laude, Silver Maxima Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude.

Sophomore Kaya Blount received the highest award of Gold Summa Cum Laude. Her fellow sophomore Phoebe Thoroughman, along with freshman Nathan Hill, received the third highest award, the Magnum Cum Laude.


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