Military ball turned to field day


The JROTC, seen here after their field day.

Nasra Artan, Staff Writer

Trading in a formal dance for a competitive field day was not exactly how JROTC hoped their annual gathering would go. 

However, the military ball was cancelled due to COVID restrictions and was replaced by a field day at Jackson Park Elementary on April 10. Instead of dancing in formal attire and a military style ceremony complete with  speeches, a presenting of the flags and crowing of the court, students competed in games, such as kickball, capture the flag, basketball and more. 

The field day was organized mainly by the JROTC upperclassmen, but many other cadets and even the parents helped make the field day worthwhile. 

“I feel that replacing the military ball with the field day was the safest approach during times like these,” David Mitchell, sophomore cadet, said. “I also feel that it was a great opportunity for team building by coming together and coming up with ideas to do for fun.”