Holiday traditions differ across the globe

Barbara Mulser, Staff Writer

December 18, 2014

Not everybody celebrates Christmas. In our diverse world, many religions do not view the birth of Jesus Christ as a holiday. Christmas is for Christians who celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. For those who do celebrate Christmas,...

Is it all because I’m a black guy?

Payton Bass, Guest writer

October 30, 2014

In recent years, the NAACP has cautioned that black males are filling up prisons nationwide in disproportionate numbers, comprising 1 million out of the total 2.3 million incarcerated. In fact, blacks are more likely to be charged,...

Splitting hairs: Go natural or wear weave?

Brooklyn Bass and Jaidah Kirksey, Staff writer, Guest writer

October 28, 2014

Which is better, keeping your natural hair or using relaxers or weave? Staff writer Brooklyn Bass and guest writer Jaidah Kirksey each take a side. #TeamNatural Brooklyn Bass Recently, the use of an old term has been brought back to popularity. Th...

TV show review: “Dating While Naked”

Brooklyn Bass, Staff Writer

September 4, 2014

Usually when preparing for a first date, hours may be spent on the perfect hairstyle or outfit. For the typical boy, the most impressive ensemble might include the perfect pair of sneakers, and for the typical girl, it might be...

August Sasstrology

August Sasstrology

August 13, 2014

July Sasstrology

July Sasstrology

July 10, 2014

June Sasstrology

June 12, 2014

Sasstrology: Summer Vacation

Daniel Williamson, Staff Writer

May 30, 2014

There are only three weeks of school left, and summer is on the horizon. It will soon be a time of relaxing with friends and family and enjoying the hot weather. Summer is also great time to tap into your wanderlust and explore...

Seniors Leave as Changed People

Daniel Williamson, Staff Writer

May 22, 2014

Four years ago the class of 2014 entered U. City as freshmen. Within those four years some of these students have evolved and changed in different ways, and it is evident to their teachers. When several seniors were freshmen,...

Sasstrology: What to Do Before Finals

Daniel Williamson, Staff Writer

May 19, 2014

EOCs and APs might be over, but finals are right around the corner for seniors. So, to help all of you that are stressing about finals or any big test that you have coming up, here are some studying tips and tricks to help you...

May Sasstrology

May Sasstrology

May 12, 2014

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