Student feedback: negative

I don’t think it’s gonna work with distance learning because it’s hard to focus on a computer screen for that amount of hours each day plus homework.”

— Quanyse Parker

I was concerned over the lack of substance in some classes. It seems like we just do busy work.”

— Emmett Feld

I think we can voice [our concerns] all we want, but I don’t know if anyone is listening.”

— Michael Simmons

There are too many distractions at home, and it is harder to process information at home. It is easy to get distracted, and it is harder to learn.”

— Timothy Gibson

It’s very boring with little social interaction. I feel unmotivated.”

— Patrick fuller

It’s hard for kids with bad attention spans because there are so many distractions at home.”

— Jasmine Lewis

It seems as if everything that was holding me accountable has evaporated, and I’m completely responsible for protecting myself from my own procrastinating tendencies…it’s hard to bring energy to class every day

— John Ruland

I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to be interested in online classes, and that’s not really a fault of the school but more just a product of the situation”

— Stella Cordes

I can’t access my classes sometimes so I won’t understand [all of] my assignments.”

— Jamiya Miller